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The law practice of Cove & Hogarth will close on August 31, 2018. We will work with our valued clients until that time to assure them a smooth transition. Note that after April 15 new clients will be referred elsewhere.

Elder Law

Elder Law provides for the care of elderly citizens, whether they are living at home or in a nursing home, and most commonly addresses the following issues:

  • Administration of financial assets
  • Medical issues
  • Issues relating to physical well-being

Cove and Hogarth offers advice in these areas to:

  • Individuals seeking advance planning for their elder years
  • Elder citizens facing nursing home placement
  • Families of elder citizens

The list of legal documents that pertain to elder care is extensive, and includes:

  • Powers-of-Attorney
  • Special Trusts for Nursing Home Expenses
  • Guardianships
  • Conservatorships
  • Health-Care Proxies
  • Special Trusts for Medicaid
  • Medicaid Applications
  • Appeals from Medicaid Denials

Cove and Hogarth has the experience and knowledge to address these sensitive issues, and help you make difficult decisions.

Cove & Hogarth also helps individuals plan for the orderly and efficient distribution of their assets after death. For more information about these services, please select Probate & Trusts.

We want to build a relationship with you and help as you navigate your way through life: buying property, starting a business, protecting your children and your assets, or planning for your own elder years. Whatever help you seek, at Cove & Hogarth you will always find compassion, confidentiality, respect, and guidance.

Joseph Cove
Andrea Hogarth