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The law practice of Cove & Hogarth will close on August 31, 2018. We will work with our valued clients until that time to assure them a smooth transition. Note that after April 15 new clients will be referred elsewhere.

Life Planning

Life planning provides for the preservation of assets and lifestyle in the event of the following life events:

  1. Premature death leaving spouse and children
  2. Your elder years and disability
  3. Your death

We explain the services we offer to legally prepare for each of these potential life situations on the following pages:

  1. Trust & Estate Planning
  2. Elder Law
  3. Probate & Trusts

You can start planning for all these eventualities at any age. In fact, it is usually easier to make decisions about life events in advance, before you are in crisis, rather than waiting until the crisis hits. You will find both the expertise and the sensitivity you need to think through and prepare for these eventualities at the office of Cove and Hogarth.

Cove & Hogarth is a member of:

  • The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
  • The American Bar Association Committee on Property, Probate and Trust Law Section

Being members of these professional organizations keeps us current on the many new developments that arise in these areas, and allows us to share information and new techniques with other specialists.

We want to build a relationship with you and help as you navigate your way through life: buying property, starting a business, protecting your children and your assets, or planning for your own elder years. Whatever help you seek, at Cove & Hogarth you will always find compassion, confidentiality, respect, and guidance.

Joseph Cove
Andrea Hogarth